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Angel Paws Designer Comfy Harness Hot Pink Floral- w/ Pin Border-Size: Medium (Girth 18"-21"). MADE in USA.

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Angel Paws Designer Comfy Harness is made for small, well trained dogs under 20 lbs. This is not a trainer.

The Angel Paws Designer Comfy Harness is much more than you think. It can be used as a shirt, jacket, or harness. The choice is yours.


Though good for all small dogs, if your small furry family member had difficulty with collars or medical issues with the back or stomach this is the harness for you. This is loose around the neck, breathable on the body. A nice change from the traditional harnesses with straps and hooks. Comes with free leash.

Each Angel Paws Comfy Harness Contains one or more of the following.

     Cotton, Polyester Cotton, Nylon Strapping, Plastic buttons Braided or Woven elastic, extra thick Mylar, Stainless Steel D-ring, and or 100% Polyester, Covered Polyester and Cotton.

     Machine wash, hang to dry.

*If you are not satisfied with this product, return it at no cost to you.