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Angel Paws Designer Comfy Harness began in 2014. One of our little girls, Sophia (we call her Sophi) became very ill when she was very little. It was time for her to begin receiving her rounds of shots and we did not think much of it. After all, with older sisters what could go wrong?  A short time after she became very ill. The hair over her left shoulder fell out, her skin turned black and bubbled. At first we thought she got burned. We wrapped her in a blanket and rushed her into emergency. We were wrong, it was a reaction to the shots she received a few weeks earlier.

She already was having difficulty with her throat and could not wear any collar, now she could not wear a harness so what could she wear? How would we take her outside to walk and play with her sisters? All we could do was to place her in a puppy stroller when we wanted to take her outside, but she was little and wanted to walk herself and play. We began to purchase every known harness on the market, but nothing worked for her and we have a large box filled with harnesses in the closet.

We just had to find a way to satisfy her needs and take her outside so she could explore and play like all dogs do. We started making little jackets that soon turned into designer harnesses. Testing them in different situations helped us to change a few of the designs until we finally got it right. Once we had the right design we tested them again and gave them a name, Angel Paws Designer Comfy Harness.

Our Angel Paws Designer Comfy Harness remains off the neck, is loose fitting around the back and stomach area, is machine washable, and fits comfortably with plenty of room for stretching and running. Our girls have been wearing them for almost a year through many different situations with much success. 

We realized that we could make harnesses for birthdays, holidays, and many other special days throughout the year.  We have also adding Designer Reversible Bandannas and Designer Reversible Food and Water Mats. In a few weeks we will also begin adding  Designer Specialty blankets to keep your pet warm and comfortable.

Today our Angel Paws Designer Comfy Harnesses come in size large and medium with size small as a special order. Please note  that our harnesses are not trainers and are only for small dogs under twenty pounds that are well trained for leash walking.  We appreciate you making the time to stop by and visit with us and wish you a bright, fulfilling day.

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